Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pottery and Mr. Puss

Two separate pictures both related to pottery. The first one is a sneak peak at one of my pottery projects I had going during class in the Spring (classes will resume in September, yay). I can't reveal what the finished product will be, it may just turn into a gift for someone that reads this blog. I did'nt get a chance to finish it during my last class so I applied the three coats of glaze yesterday and will bring it back to my teacher for a last firing.

The next picture is of a very funky but awesome pitcher I thrifted at a yard sale on Sunday. I don't usually mention here how much I pay for thrifted items but this time I have to say it ''10 cents; a dime'' isn't that amazing. It holds about 1.5 cups. It would be a perfect vessel to hold maple syrup for pancakes on a cold winter morning. This is one of my favorite items found in a very long time.

Mr. Puss is still visiting while his parents are vacationing in the States.


sherrieg said...

That is a perfect vessel for syrup! I wonder where you could have found it... ;)

Colleen said...

can't wait to see the big reveal on your pottery project.

what a great find --- 10 cents? lucky.

Mr. Puss is still just as gorgeous as ever. Hope his parents are having a wonderful vacation.