Thursday, July 22, 2010


I think Beauty that Moves is my second blog I discovered over three years ago. I love everything Heather has to say. She is an inspiration on many levels - simple, healthy living, thrifting, yoga, mindfulness, love of family and many more. A few months ago she sent me an email saying I had won this beautiful print. It arrived in my mailbox this week. I already own one print of Heather's. It's hanging in my sewing/craft room where this new one will also go.

Three years ago I knew nothing about blogs. Than one stormy winter's day I stumbled upon this young lady's blog. For some reason it caught my eye and I started reading her archives. I loved everything about this amazing young person's happenings. I am a huge fan of this blog and I read it daily. A few weeks ago she had a giveaway for some lavender scented balm... homemade I tell ya ! this girl has a 4 month old and a 3 year old and she finds time to whip-up a batch of balm. And by the way, she makes the most delicious smelling soaps but that might be on hold for now, seeing she's got her hands full with the babes. See that cute little jar in the picture below, that's my balm. It's perfect for my rough elbows. And you know what, I love the smell so much that sometimes I dab a little on my wrist as an essential oil.

That gadget on the right in the picture is from here. It's used in scrapbooking; to cut fancy corners in your paper. Yup, won that too about a month ago. You should check this blog out, it is loaded with all sorts of useful information, patterns, tips, giveaways, etc.

So there you go, I wanted to share all of my wonderful winnings with you guys. Tell me, who doesn't love receiving a parcel in the mailbox !!! all the while making wonderful friendships.


sherrieg said...

Good for you! I'm glad that you like the balm, and thanks for all of your kind words! And I'll be happy to make a refill for you when that one's used up - I use it on us all of the time. :)

sherrieg said...

CSA news for you! Wild Rose Farm in Gilbert's Cove. Call Gilbert (it's a woman, just to avoid any confusion). 837-4181, and you can join now! And she's even close to you and supplies Hope Seeds. I KNOW. I'm so excited. :)

Colleen said...

great links and great prizes, thanks for sharing.