Monday, May 18, 2009

How was your weekend?

Mine was pretty wet... all three days (it was a holiday weekend here in Canada ''Victoria Day''). With all that rain that fell, we still had fun outside gardening and BBQing. Friday evening I attended a yoga workshop. The yoga studio is in the loft of an old barn and during relaxation we could hear the rain falling on the roof - so peaceful.

Saturday afternoon the sun came out for a few hours.

All day Sunday was pouring rain.

I kinda like rain, when it's not cold and windy

Today we only had light showers so we managed to do some yard work

Hope everyone has a good peaceful week and enjoy doing what it is you'll be doing !


Kim said...

Vickie when you do those kind of raised beds - how long does the wood last you before it rots?

I suggested building some to DH, but he seems to think they will rot fast.

Alli said...

Your gardens look great! The plan is to get mine up and planted this weekend! Should be sunny so I can figure out the best place for it in the backyard! :)

Eco Yogini said...

Yup, if you did yoga in the Tusket Barn, then we definitely are from the same area! lol. I have always wanted to practice in one of Kerry's "yoga barn" sessions... but always seem to miss when they happen :)

Colleen said...

ahhhhh yoga in a barn. that must have been wonderful.

your vegetable beds looks wonderful.