Monday, May 11, 2009

Baby project, frenchy's and flip flops

My niece is expecting their first child in August. Perfect excuse to knit, knit and knit some more. Above is a work in progress which, if planned correctly, will be a baby blanket. The ivory squares are 6 different patterns hence the name of the blanket ''the baby sampler blanket''. I have to follow charts to get the proper pattern. Let's just say that I have to be some place in the house where I will be by myself while knitting. However, the colored blocks are simple stockinette stitches... don't have to follow any chart; bliss. The block in the picture is the diamond sampler.

On to Frenchy's. We stopped for a few short minutes tonight and look what I found. Tons of buttons. Old ones (very old; even smelly), plastic ones, metal ones, tiny ones and giant ones... the two red ones in the red box are wooden; oh baby I'm in heaven.

And this book ''ReadyMade - How to make almost everything''.

It is chuck-full of DIY projects - reuse and recyle objects. Such as the project below - hooks made from empty laundry detergent plastic bottles. (Side note - I would'nt be able to build this because I make my own laundry detergent and reuse the same 10 litre bucket).

Speaking of repurposing, check this out. Eco Yogini had it in her comments yesterday. I am so trying this out with my ugly dirty purple yoga mat. I guess that means I will have ugly purple flip flops this summer :-) And by the way, I encourage you to read her blog... I love it and so will you.


Alli said...

Hi Vickie! Looks like there are some cool ideas in this book!

We will be near Bear River (under the Bear River bridge actually, opposite Digby, exit the 101 near Deep Brook to get under on that side) on Wednesday morning from 8-10 (or 10:30 am). If you have the chance, you should stop by! I would love to meet you!! Otherwise, I will be coming out this summer for fun and we can get together then! :)

Eco Yogini said...

Hi Vicki!
Thanks for your kind words!! I think the flip flop idea is pretty darn cool too!! But i was also wondering about the clean-deal.. :) lol.

I admire all your DIY projects- I really need a lot of convincing and poor andrew has to deal with grumpy me when they don't turn out lol.

Yours ideas sound great :)

Colleen said...

I love the knitted blocks for the baby blanket -- wonderful colours.

Great frenchy finds.

Thanks for the link for Eco Yogini; I have it in my bookmarks now.

JoyceAnn said...

That book sounds interesting , I love finding books like that.

Great idea for recycling old yoga mats , flip flops , who would have thought (lol).

Hope your day is Blessed !!