Thursday, April 30, 2009


Halifax is in need of water !!!!!

An intense forest fire is ongoing in the Halifax area as I am typing this post. Halifax is the capital city of our province and is also the biggest city in the province. We live 300 km from there but we often go to Halifax for medical appointments, hospitals, shopping, meetings, visit family and friends, entertainment, etc. Halifax is very familiar to us and when we see such heartbreaking images it hits home.

A few images I took tonight coming back from a tea run at the local Tim's.

I've done some light spring cleaning in our home so I think it's just right that I should do the same with myself. Here are four things I'm doing for myself for the month of May :

1. Eat healthy
2. Exercise
3. Plenty of rest
4. Practice gratitude

May everyone be blessed with good health and let's practice gratitude.


Alli said...

Thank goodness the fire is now under control.

We watched it blaze from the 8th floor of one of the buildings at Dalhousie University last night. All those poor people who lost their least no one lost their lives!

You have some beautiful shots! Also, did you change your header? Regardless, it looks great! :) I love the fishing boats, very idyllic and representative of a continued way of life here in NS.

JoyceAnn said...

Gorgeous photos , really love the last pic , looks so Peaceful.

Hope they get those fires under control soon , will Pray for rain for Halifax. The beach area we visit had wildfires a couple of weeks of ago , it was sad watching people lose their homes and beautiful woodlands being destroyed.

Those new garden beds look wonderful , Happy Planting !

~ Many Blessings ~