Monday, April 27, 2009

Tug boat and the outdoors

This is the shipyard where my son works as an electrician. Yesterday, this bigger than normal tug boat steamed into the harbour to settle in for a few days for some much needed repairs.

Onto some backyard news - below you will find two newly renovated raised beds. The biggest one is also the oldest one of the 9 beds we have for planting veggies. The two we replaced this year are from cement blocks - they should last many, many years. Each year we will replace a couple until all are made from cement blocks. Why did'nt I think of cement blocks before now. Wood only last a few years and here we were replacing wood with more wood.

Our son and his friend each bought a motorcycle for this summer and over the weekend they set up this portable shed to store their bikes in. The big test will be when we get one of our gusty wind...

If only internet would permit viewers to scratch and smell... these flowers smell so heavenly.

Hope everyone had a good Monday. Mine was a wee bit long but hey, already Tuesday tomorrow.


Barb said...

Don't need scratch and sniff Vickie, those hyacinthes are gorgeous and I can imagine how heavenly the fragrance. Barb xo

Alli said...

Great idea with the cement blocks!!! I will definitely put that idea to use!! Our neighbours are moving out of the downstairs apartment this week and I am thinking of claiming a small corner of the backyard for a veggie garden before the new neighbours move in!!! After all, it is supposed to be shared!