Sunday, April 20, 2008

A baby always sticks close to mama...

What a wonderful weekend... !

We were so busy working in the gardens that I did'nt have time to think about taking pictures so these beautiful three pictures will give you a taste of the beautiful weather we had over the weekend. The two pictures above were taken Saturday. We had a fire going in the pit as we worked in the gardens, trying to burn some of the many, many, many twigs and branches that we had to pick from around the grounds. I got to put clothes on the line - both days so I did'nt run the dryer at all this weekend.

The picture below is so heart-warming. Dave and I wanted to take a break this afternoon from working in the gardens so we went for a Sunday drive. We passed this sheep farm and there it was, the perfect picture to end a wonderful weekend - this baby was'nt letting his mama out of sight. Isn't that the cutest thing...

With all the gardening I also had time to cook - mostly BBQ. I even went dancing Saturday evening.

Hard to believe the weekend is already over but I'm kinda happy to go back to work tomorrow so I can rest, he, he, he.

Have a wonderful Monday everyone and be well.


Kim said...

It looks like you had a wonderful weekend - we had great weather here too. I wish I could have a fire pit in our backyard - I love campfires.

HoneyB said...

It looks like the great weather has us all becoming a bundle of energy! We had a good week of sunshine and its off to a good start again today!

I'm curious as to what kind of dancing you did on Sat evening? :)

Oh, and I love the clothesline...there is something about hanging your laundry out to dry on the line. I'll be doing that today myself! Love the big ole stick you have to keep the line high :) That says country thru and thru.

Vickie LeBlanc said...

Kim - I love campfires. I would'nt go camping in the summer if the park did'nt allow campfires. We actually have two pits at home.

Vickie LeBlanc said...

Hey Honeyb - nice to hear from you. We went to a local club. My husband's band was playing there. They are a very popular local band. They play a variety of music - rock n' roll, 60's, 80's and towards the end of the night they play more recent tunes to satisfy the "younger" crowd that show up after midnight.

He, he, he - the big stick for my clothesline... I love it. You see with me, the more rustic something is the more beautiful I see it.