Friday, December 14, 2007

Yoga - Home practice

Last year, after doing yoga for some time, I decided I needed my very own personal home practice. I was used to going to a yoga center a few times a week or I would do my yoga routine at home in the living room. The first thing I did was locate a place in which to practice in a quiet and comfortable location in our home. I cleared a corner of our moderately large bedroom, put down my mat, pillow and comfy blanket and I made an altar space on which I placed a statue, incense and a soy candle. I knew I had to do whatever I needed to do to make the room appealing so that I would want to be in it.

My husband made these two paintings for me. He is a very talented artist - as a musician since his teen years and three years ago we discovered he was just as talented at creating art. These two paintings hang in my corner also. The first is pretty self-explanatory and the second is an abstract entitled ''The Joy of Yoga''.

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