Monday, March 19, 2007

Walk in my shoes

It was another amazing sunny day today. A little on the cold side with the wind but still a very nice day for a walk. My favorite outdoors activity has to be walking. I prefer walking by myself, to be with my thoughts but if someone offers to join me I never refuse. I start my day at 7:20 a.m. with my first walk of the day on campus of the university where I work then at noon I take another one hour walk.

On campus there are two trails called 'les petits bois' (the little woods). You have a choice to either walk the entire time in the woods or start in the woods and end up on the shore. The pictures were taken in the newer trail. The oldest trail of the two dates back to 117 years.

So come on, take a walk in my shoes and see some of the spectacular views I am blessed with every day.

Here I was just about to turn left to enter the woods. You can see the lighthouse up ahead. It was too windy today to walk along the shore.

This picture is pretty self-explanatory - a stone wall along the way.

Another view of the trail, slightly covered with a soft blanket of snow. The trees are so tall and straight - seems they are all at 'attention'. Feels like one is walking through an honor guard.

This is amazing. No one knows who but someone decorates this tree at Christmas and again for Easter. Who would imagine that the simplest things will attract so many on-lookers.

So there, you have just taken a glimpse at my mornings and my noon hours.

What are you planning for your Vernal Equinox celebration?

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