Friday, March 23, 2007

Earth Shoe

Stopped at Frenchy's today during my lunch hour. Found a pair of Earth Shoe sandals. They have a gel in the soles - very comfy. Out of curiosity, I searched the internet and found a similar pair on the Earth Shoe site for $120. Of course, you know I paid way less then that. These sandals will definetely be in my backpack when we go camping this summer. I have my hiking sandals but these are almost as good. They'll be nice for around the campsite. I also found two nice hardcover books for $1 each. One that I already have in my library 'Simple Abundance' and the other 'Men are from mars, women are from venus'. Whenever I find a book that I already have, I just can't leave it there.... I have to buy it. Will give it to someone.

I just could'nt resist posting a picture I took with my best companion - Tabi. We rescued her 12 years ago. She is the love of the household. The most laid back friendly dog you'll ever find. She only wants to please, that's all !

Toured the gardens around the house after work and found these Iris slowly emerging from the ground.

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