Saturday, March 24, 2007

They said it was going to be nice

This first Saturday of spring was 'magnifique', just as they had predicted during the week. Although it was nice and sunny (not a cloud in the sky) there was a slight breeze making it comfortable to work outside with a light sweater. Dave and I were up early, had our homemade waffle with maple syrup breakfast then outside we were. We emptied half the compost bin and put the 'golden stuff' in the veggie bins. I did three loads of laundry and they all dried outside (yah, don't have to use the dryer anymore til next winter).

Another item on our 'to do' list for this weekend was take out the BBQ from its winter hibernation. Well, when we removed the cover the inside of the BBQ was mostly rusted. So off we go to Yarmouth to buy a new BBQ (not in the plans but....). Of course you can never buy anything that is already put together so we have a new project for tomorrow. However, we had it in our mind that we were having BBQ for supper tonight (Saturday) so we bought this cute little briquette BBQ and we were able to have our supper. It will come in handy for camping this summer, our old one was ready to be buried.

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