Sunday, March 18, 2007

Ice Follies

To spread some of that fabulous Spring spirit I've been having lately, this afternoon I planted 5 narcissus bulbs 'Ice Follies' (white petals with buttery yellow centers). The bulbs already had a head start so it should'nt be long before I can show you an up-date on their progress. I might have blooms for Easter. Would'nt that be wonderful !

Sometimes I have to pinch myself to realize and appreciate that less then 50 feet from my front steps is this amazing hiking trail. I took this picture 30 minutes ago while having my daily walk. I could hear a family of squirrels having some kind of loud discussion. Pretty soon the pussywillows should appear. Then for sure - Spring will have arrived. The one thing that tops everything else about Spring.... the beepers at night. Oh, can't wait.

10 minutes after the top picture was taken, this picture was taken - heavy snow flurries and very dark clouds. I was just about to exit the trail.

Spring Overflow - I took this picture on my trail walk. A small overflow coming out of the rocks along side a fish pond.

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