Monday, August 29, 2011

What would you do on a Friday night...

... this is what Dave and I did last Friday after a long week at work. We packed-up the four-wheeler and headed to the ocean to have our supper.

But first we need a fire !

Our means of transportation

Beautiful rocky shore

It's a 30 minute buggy ride in the trail; we stayed for about an hour than headed back. What a beautiful way to end the week.


colleen said...

you guys really do live a charmed life.

i didn't know you had a 4 wheeler.

what did you have for your supper?

Vickie LeBlanc said...

Thanks Colleen. Yup, since the Spring. We had Subway subs... you know me and my daily bread ;-))

Sara said...

This sounds heavenly. If we took our 4 wheeler to the shore it would take a lot longer than 1/2 hour! (and we wouldn't be able to bring "the girls"). We love picnicking at the shore!