Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Duck weather

Is anyone else getting rain ? We've been having rain since Saturday. Rubber boots weather for sure. Forecast for tomorrow is for rain in the morning and clearing in the afternoon. Friday cloudy and yup, rain Saturday and Sunday. I'm happy we did'nt plant the potatoes on the weekend because they would have rotten in the soil by now. I'm not against rain, I kind of love hearing the sound of rain slowly falling. However, when it's being pounded on the windows by gail force winds... not so much.

However, if it wasn't raining we would'nt be able to spend too much time outside on account of the little black flies having a feast with our blood. A no win situation !

Patiance I tell myself, the time will come.


Sara said...

Love your photo! Very cheerful....just what we need to combat the rainy day blues!

Kim said...

Yup rain here too - thunderstorms to start tomorrow and head into the weekend.

Alli said...

Yep, lots of rain here too. I have been waiting for a break in the weather to fix the side of our raised bed. Hopefully we will have some non rainy days soon!

Although we have had rain, we haven't had too much gail force winds!

Kim said...

Yes rain, rain and more rain. We also got the humidity with the rain yesterday. Didn't want to turn the air on yet, had all the windows wide open, fans going, and then we would have a downpour and I would run around shutting everything, then reopen once it stopped. Blah rain.