Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Organic herbs, routine and sprouts

I order organic herbs (and supplies) from Mountain Rose Herbs. I'm making our own flu syrup and tintures this winter. Let's try and keep those nasty bugs at bay shall we! This company is a joy to do business with.

We are in our winter-mode routine: week nights are mostly spent at home, warming up to a cozy fire, sipping tea and knitting while Dave's watching television.

After less than a week in the easy sprouter, we are eating sprouts. This picture shows the wheat grass I've been testing for when I get my juicer. The sandwich sprouts are in the fridge - two trays full. Hmmmm, I could be eating sprouts for the rest of the week.

Later this week I have something nice to show you. We are having something made with our favorite pieces of beach glass by a local artist. Stay tuned...


Alli said...

mmm...fresh sprouts! In the winter too! Having home grown greenery in the winter is a bonus! I keep a few herbs in doors and love to cook with them.

I am looking forward to your beach glass! :)

Carla said...

I love winter. It is so cozy! I am excited that we finally have a snow day here, our first one!

What was shipping like from MRH? I have a pile of things I would love to order but hate potentially being dinged with hefty shipping charges because we need to watch every penny right now.

sherrie said...

I wondered the same thing about their shipping - they have an amazing array of products. It's funny that you mentioned them, as I just (like an hour ago) watched one of their YouTube videos (they have tons!) on making lavender honey. I'm going to stop typing and go make some post-haste. :) Keep us posted on the tinctures, eh? I'm curious. We're generally super healthy, but have had our share of colds so far this year.

Vickie LeBlanc said...

Mountain Rose Herbs is a very friendly and family oriented company to deal with. So far they've replied to my emails in less than 6 hours. I have echinacea tincture from a previous order with MRH but last night I ordered the organic roots and I'm going to make my own tincture for way cheaper. Last night's order - included 4 different herbs, sprout seeds, dried elderberries to make my own syrup, 5 different size bottles and the S&H was less than $20. Before you confirm your order with method of payment it will give you an estimate of the shipping costs. For me it's worth it, for one thing it's organic and second I can't find anything similar here in Canada. If you have any more questions you can always email me.