Sunday, November 28, 2010

Heading for the woods

It's here... that time again !!! when we head deeper into the woods to fetch a few tiny spruces for our outside christmas decorations. As is the tradition around here, it was an overcast and cold morning but still very much fun.

Lake at the end of the dirt road.

My handyman finding the perfect little spruce.

Pretending to cut a bigger tree with his hand held cutters.

Ready ! Let's go back and warm-up our hands and toes.

Taken from outside through the kitchen window. The lighted tree in the background is where the Christmas village will be.

So to recap my week and a half vacation at home alone :

- the house is nice, clean and dusted.
- a lot of laundry was made.
- warm hearty meals were cooked and enjoyed.
- christmas music played throughout the house all week.
- finished a couple of handmade gifts.
- made our christmas cards.
- some (emphasis on ''some'') decorations are up.
- the outside decorations are not all up yet; I'll post pictures when they are.

Back to work tomorrow. Happy Monday everyone !

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