Sunday, November 28, 2010

Do we really need new furniture?

Our son will soon be moving into his own cozy home with his fiancé. He has already started moving some of his stuff out so this gives us the perfect occasion to deep-clean and declutter our home. Even giving us cause to maybe buy a few pieces of furniture. Presently, our television is an older model that fits exactly (very tight fit) in the hole in the wall. If we are to get a new television set we would need new tv stands as we also have a television set upstairs that's in need of a good solid surface.

His room will become my sewing/crafting room and my present sewing room will be turned into a library.

We won't need too many new pieces of furniture. What we already have is still in pretty good condition and I don't believe in buying ''stuff'' just because. If and when we buy new furniture we give away as many pieces as we bring in. Today, we gave away a lazyboy chair and a used tv (only good for playing video games).

I might also be looking for a new sofa and chair set... we'll see.

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