Thursday, September 9, 2010

Yes, we did !

We bought a kayak. It's a sea kayak but for now it won't be seeing the sea. We want to practice our kayaking skills in the calm waters of the many lakes in our region.

We took it for a trial run tonight. It is fully loaded - padded seats, a rudder, floating things in both ends and only weighs 80 pounds. Hah, 80 lbs you say. Easy to lift up to your knees and slide the 14 feet creature on a trailer or the back of a pick-up truck but we don't own a trailer and we have a car. So, said 14 feet\80 lbs creature has to be lifted above our heads on the furthest end of our arms to go on top of the car on the roof rack. I think we might get the hang of it after a few more lifts !

Sometimes I stop and think to myself that ''we are having too much fun'' it's not right for those that are suffering both mentally or physically. It is here that I say a little prayer for those people that I don't know (and some that I do) but that I care about just the same.


JoyceAnn said...

You sure did ~ Looks like fun to me , enjoy !!

~ Peaceful Blessings ~

Alli said...

Congrats! Looks like great fun! :)

Marisa@Getting Back To Basics said...

We bought a couple last summer...just small beginner ones...and have been kayaking on the local lakes. I don't think I could ever move beyond lake kayaking...sometimes the water is quite choppy but it is loads of fun.

Vickie LeBlanc said...

Thanks ladies. It sure is much fun for Dave and I. I don't think we'll be going sea kayaking anytime soon. The lakes are just fine for us.