Saturday, August 7, 2010

Nature and Yoga Retreat

Tomorrow I'm leaving for one week... going deep into the woods at a Nature and Yoga Retreat. Living off the land, no electricity (propane heated showers) relaxing, reading, knitting, laughing, eating vegetarian meals, studying yoga and of course doing yoga - all this with a bunch of like-minded people. To see more of what I'm talking about, see this video. These two pictures were taken two years ago when Dave and I went for a walk-about on the grounds one fine October day.

Below - see that little rustic cabin on the left... that will be mine and three other yogis' home for the week.

It will be a little quiet around this blog for the week but I'll try and post an update as soon as possible when I come back.

Be well everyone !


Eco Yogini said...

yay!!! I have heard such amazing things about that retreat!
have a fun, relaxing, yoga time :)

MargaretJ said...

Looking forward to hearing more info to plan a retreat next year.

Margaret Jeddry

JoyceAnn said...

Beautiful !! So enjoy and look forward to hearing about the retreat when you return.

~ Be Blessed ~