Saturday, January 3, 2009

Vacation : coming to an end

My two week vacation is on its final days. I'll be returning to work on Monday. I love my job and the people I work with so going back is not difficult at all. Although it would be nice to stay in the comfort of our warm home for yet a few more days (weeks). What made it special this year was the fact that for the first time in 12 years Dave had two weeks off also... the universe is good !

My cold seems to be ''almost'' gone so that is always a good thing. Here are a few highlights of our past week (this being said, I don't know when was the last time I've been so lazy) :

- our daughter returned home to New Brunswick (it's funny to talk about ''her home'' seeing that her home will always be here).

- we had our fair share of snow.

- just like during the first week of vacation, we ate, ate and ate some more. But, I don't think I'll ever admit to having had too much chocolates.

- our son and his girlfriend made this beautiful gingerbread house.

- New Year's Eve has come and gone for another year. I bid farewell to 2008 and greeted 2009 sitting on my couch - knitting.

- seeing that Ginette was going back on Christmas Day and that I was under the weather with a cold we skipped our traditional turkey dinner on the 25th (actually it was only put on hold for a few weeks) so yesterday I noticed the fresh cranberries were going bad so I baked this upside-down cranberry/pecan coffee cake. Very yummy indeed !

- y'all know me and my love affair with everything old and rustic. Dave was cleaning the basement yesterday and came upon this wooden bowl in a dark, dusty corner burried under a pile of dirt. I should have taken a before picture so you could see its transformation. Here it is all clean and sanded sitting pretty on the kitchen table.

I'm pretty sure I found this bowl many, many years ago burried behind an old barn and brought it home with me only to put it down the basement. What was I thinking...

Wishing everyone is having a good weekend.

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Barb said...

Love the beautiful bowl. Is that burl inside???