Monday, January 19, 2009

Comfort Week : Food

Sherrie over at Frenchy's Finds is hosting Comfort Week and I'm playing along. I'm very excited about this week actually. I love theme weeks. Here is what she's asking for today : food - your favourite comfort food (with recipes, if possible!)

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My all time favorite comfort food(s) is soup and bread. Seriously, I can't just pick one. It has to be the two.

I love ALL soups but a favorite around here is Potato Leek.

It's a soup my mom made when I was a kid (minus the leeks) and she still makes it and I'm sure her mom made it. There's no written recipe but here goes my version :

Potato Leek Soup

Peel as many potatoes as you would like in your soup. Slice to ressemble very thin medallions. Keep slices in cold water while you get the following ready.

Melt 1 tablespoon butter in a saucepan; soften leeks (I use both white and green parts of one large leek) that have been cut-up in very small pieces. I add 1 tablespoon salted green onions (these might not be available to everyone but the soup is still fine without them). Careful that the butter doesn't burn.

Add half the saucepan of water; salt and pepper (if you used the salted green onions you should omit the salt) and 3 tablespoons Knorr Cream of Leek powder.

Add sliced potatoes, bring to a boil then simmer until tender. That's it, nothing fancier than that. Enjoy the soup !

Moving on to the Bread :

I love this no-knead-bread (pictured above) but it takes about 18 hours before you can sink your teeth into a warm slice. But it sure is worth the wait. But if you're in more of a hurry to have delicious fresh bread, try these rolls from Down to Earth. They turn out perfect every single time I make them and I've made these at least a dozen times in the past year. If you don't want rolls, you can make one loaf of bread out of the dough. Seriously beginners, if you want to venture out in bread baking try this recipe. You know sometimes day old bread is dry and hard. Well this one is soooooooo soft inside and it's like this for at least 3 days (if they last that long).

See y'all tomorrow !


sunmamma said...

yum!! Can't wait to try this!!

HoneyB said...

it does sound and look comforting!

Amber said...

Yay for soup! (And bread of course.) I am definitely going to try your potato leek soup -- it looks heavenly!

Barb said...

My mouth is watering!!

sherrieg said...

Oooooh, that looks delicious! I've never had an un-pureed leek soup - I think I would like it! And the bread looks heavenly, too.

Heidi said...

Yes! Another soup to add to the files =) I love leeks...especially in soup!

Anonymous said...

Potato leek soup is one of my family's favorite too. My dh usually makes several pots after we harvest our potatoes and leeks.

Sounds like we like a lot of the same foods! I have a no knead dough in the fridge right now that I'll probably bake tomorrow.

nahiacreations said...

I love soups too! Both the bread and the soup look delish - look forward to trying.