Saturday, May 3, 2008

Domesticated squirrels

I slept-in this morning even though I knew it was nice outside my body was telling me to stay in bed and rest for a few more hours. My usual time to get up in the morning is 5:30 a.m. (weekdays) and 7:00 a.m. (weekends). This morning I jumped out of bed at... 9:15 a.m. My mind was clear, body well rested and had energy to burn, so hello Saturday.

Here are a few random pictures that we took today :

Jets going from Boston to Halifax.

Yes, you did smell bread this morning. This is the best bread recipe I've come across yet. It was posted by this wonderful lady down under. The texture is so smooth and silky... such yummy fluffyness. The recipe made 9 big rolls.

My supper last night (Friday) - yup, salmon again. I'm still lovin it.

Last night's dessert for my husband and son. My own creation of chocolate fudge cake, whipped cream and strawberries. My take on strawberry shortcake.

Another great blogger, posted this recipe. And yes, if it has coconut I have to try it. They were delicious. I think there's only about 3 left in the cookie jar.

Just look at how green that grass is. See that little pile of dirt to the left of the picture - that is the yard of pig manure mixed with topsoil that I had delivered last week. That is gold for my veggie gardens. Dave is evenly distributing the soil in each raised bed.

We also had a fire going in the pit to try and burn the balance of the twigs and branches that had fallen during the winter months. Campfires is one of my all-time favorite thing.

Last year we had a rat coming around the bird feeder for food, he was a wise one and had us working like crazy to catch him in the humane trap but we kept catching squirrels and at the time we had no reason to get rid of the squirrels... they were'nt bothering anyone.

Now my friends, the squirrels are getting out of hand, way too friendly and are getting domesticated. They come in the house, on the kitchen cupboard eat at whatever looks tasty to them - apples, cake, and cookies... oh cookies, they love those. I think there's two of them (I should say, there WAS two of them). We got one last week (that one was soooooo easy to catch). After we get them in the humane trap we drive 10km at the lake to drop them off in the forest.

One left and he's (she's?) a smart one. As of tonight, we don't have it yet ! We even set the trap with his favorite cookies.

Hope everyone played like a kid today - we did !


Colleen said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful day yesterday. Wish I had spent a bit of it with you -- it felt like I did a little bit reading your blog. Which is why I love reading your blog.

Sebrina said...

Those rolls look yummy! Glad you liked the cookies :) They never last long around here either.

Vickie LeBlanc said...

Colleen and Sebrina - thanks for dropping in ladies. Although I try and stay away from white flour I just had to have a couple of those rolls, they are so delicious. Even a day old, they are still light and fluffy.