Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A weekend of gardening and eating

You know how sometimes two day weekends are not enough. This past weekend was like that for Dave and I. We have so much work to do in the gardens and around the house that a three day weekend would have been wonderful... but I'm not complaining about my two day weekend.

Friday evening we slowly drove to town for our two week grocery shopping (no, we did'nt shop for two weeks, we go every two weeks). I say ''slowly drove'' because Dave knows how much I hate highways and love to take the scenic route... so he did, just for me.

Above is a picture of the salad I had for lunch today !

Saturday we got up to a nice sunny day (a little on the windy side but still very nice). It was perfect weather to put clothes on the line to air dry - and I did. We had no trouble at all finding something to do outside ALL day Saturday. We had BBQ boneless chicken with a garden salad for supper. But before supper we each enjoyed a nice (well deserved) cold beer and a few little dried caplins (below).

Below - enjoying my cold beer !

Below are hollyhocks that I started from seed. They were promised to a couple of friends.

Sunday was still a very beautiful sunny day but we decided to take it a little more relaxed. In the afternoon we went to a Beatles Tribute concert at the university with another couple then we went out at a restaurant for supper. I had fishcakes and they were yummy (sorry, I did'nt have my camera to take pictures).


HoneyB said...

Ohhhh, Grumpy would so love to have been at the Beatles Tribute concert! Even though he's a baby (he's 9 years younger than me!) he's a huge fan of their music!

Looks like you had just as beautiful weather over the weekend as we did!

Vickie LeBlanc said...

That concert was so well organized and coordinated. As I said in my post, all the participants were local musicians and they did such a professional job.

Let's cross our fingers for another sunny weekend !

Barb said...

Delicious ... your retelling of your weekend, put me right there with you enjoying the salad, the feel of the earth in my hands. Are we not so priviledged to live such that we can enjoy these bounties?

Vickie LeBlanc said...

Barb - as always, thank you so much for dropping by and leaving a comment.

Sometimes I feel like I am taking all this beauty for granted and not stopping long enough (at times) to really breath it in and be thankful... but I am.

I agree with you 100% - it is a priviledge to have all these bounties.

Take care and I hope you are having a beautiful sunny day like we are having here in Nova Scotia.

Sebrina said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend!! I am in awe of the fact that you only shop once every two weeks. Thats my goal.

Vickie LeBlanc said...

Hi Sebrina - yes, I think we've done the two-week grocery shopping thing ever since we are married. Although, we used to drop in the smaller grocery store often in between the two weeks and for the past few years we try and cook with what we bought with the "big" groceries. When you go for a few little items it ends up costing $50.