Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sunshine yellow and sun tea

Weather wise, this past week - we had gorgeous sunshine every single day except for Thursday. The two pictures below were taken in our gardens Friday late afternoon (a perfect warm Spring day). Seeing all this beautiful weather all week - of course, I made plans for my weekend. Yes, you guessed it, everything on my to do list for the weekend was for outside.

Look at that yummy sunshine yellow...

Got up this morning to rain and wind. I was so disgusted that I did'nt even bother to take pictures. I know, I know, nature needs rain as well as sunshine but I was so convinced that ''it was going to be nice and sunny when I got up Saturday morning'' that it was a let-down to say the least.

As I say ''everything happens for a reason'' and I know I was given this not-so-pleasant-weather this morning in order to force me to CLEAN THE INSIDE OF OUR HOME. Man, who dishes out all the dust anyways ? The dust is still there but I managed to clear and open the bay window (porch), bake some strawberry lemon muffins, BBQ ribs and hot dogs for husband and son and chicken hamburg cheeseburgers for me, dug-up some worms with my brother to go trout fishing and finished this latest embroidery project :

Thank you to the person who invented the purple marker that clears in 30 minutes. It makes it sooooooo easy to trace images on your fabric and not worry about leaving marks.

Do you need sun to make sun tea ?

... after today I would say ''yes'' you need the sun to make a good batch of sun tea. If I compare the sun tea I made today with the batch I made last summer - the one that sat in the bright warm sun for half a day last July was 100% better tasting then the one I made today that sat on the kitchen table with not a ray of sunshine in sight. Was it the tea or was it the sun !

Wishing everyone a good SUN-day tomorrow.

PS : I will be crying for rain come July when our well goes dry and we have to buy water.


Barb said...

Rain or sun Vickie, I'm completely jealous of your beautiful flowers. I still have dirt, brown and just some very small tips (1") of bulbs coming up. Nothing as exciting as yours.

Vickie LeBlanc said...

Barb - don't you just love flowers ! The bright vibrant colors of flowers outside makes everything seem alive.

Colleen said...

I just love the sunny gorgeous flowers in your garden -- so happy!

Beautiful embroidery. Of course I am partial to anything with trees. :-)

The SUN makes me happy too.

Vickie LeBlanc said...

Colleen - thank you for your kind comments. I like doing embroidery projects and drawing my patterns free-hand.

Sebrina said...

The flowers are gorgeous!!!! And the tea looks yummy :)

I LOVE the embroidery design!