Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Overflowing with beauty

Dave and I went to Yarmouth earlier this afternoon. He had an appointment and I went along to keep him company while he waited.

We dropped into the Old World Bakery. I had never gone before, everytime we tried to go, it was closed - WOW ! as I told the very friendly lady that served us ''We'll be back... soon''. We bought homemade hummus, a baquette and molasses cookies. Everything is made from scratch with NO preservatives. I can even compost the hummus container.

I also briefly went into the Health Food Market for a few items we needed - raw cane sugar and oats. Then we headed home, taking in the view oh ever so slowly. We side-tracked over at Mavillette Beach to see the very active ocean (we have been having abnormal heavy winds lately and that sure stirs the ocean).

Here are a few random pictures taken at the beach :

The two following pictures were taken from the side of the road as we were leaving the beach. The road had to be closed for a few days on account of floading.

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