Sunday, January 6, 2008


Here are random pictures of our jaunt this afternoon. They are forecasting abnormal warm temperatures for the next 4 days.

We visited our two marvelous wonders of nature - the ocean and the woods. First stop, the beach in Saulnierville.

Beaver's den, in the meadow close to the beach.

Next stop - a small logging village ''Margo''.

Our last stop was closer to home (less then half a mile) - an old saw mill that was made into a museum.

After three hours of local sightseeing we were hungry so we headed home to make a traditional acadian dish - ''fring frang'' (grated potatoes).


Jim said...

What a picturesque outing you had so close to home and the thought of that fring frang is making my mouth water this A.M.

Thanks for visiting Earth Home Garden and leaving your nice comment.

Vickie LeBlanc said...

Thanks for the comment Jim. I love getting comments. Fring frang is delicious (at least to us Acadians), we were brought up on anything potato. After they are fried, the best way to describe this dish would be german potato pancakes.

Jim said...

Do you fry them in butter, oil, or???

And do you Acadians spice them up with anything special?

Vickie LeBlanc said...

First order of business, you need a very well seasoned (older the better)cast iron frying pan. We fry them in oil. You leave them long enough for them to form a nice brown crust, yummy. The only other thing that's grated with the potatoes is an onion, salt and pepper. And, voilà. I have to have homemade bread and butter pickles with them.

I am still reading your archives... I love everything I'm reading. I particularly love your gardens.

Here is a link to the Acadians :

Anonymous said...

Ha! Des fring frang! I was googling fring frang and found your blog -- Hello! Trying to find some info of where the name originated from. Not much out there so far. We do them a bit different in our family -- we don't put onions and we fry them over some melted?/fried salted pork lard. I like it very crispy with ketchup on it, and served with 'du poison sec' -- d'la molue tres epaise et molle une miette (sorry mon accent egue travail pas... lol). Nice blog you've got here Vicky. Very nice! I've bookmarked it & I'll come check it out more in depth when I have more time. Take care y'all! ~ Mariette Deveau (a Gilbert & Marie-Adele) (accent grave travail point non ...;-)

Vickie LeBlanc said...

Well hello Mariette. It's been a while. T'en viens-tu des fois ? Suis contente que tu lis mon blog.

Anonymous said...

Ouai, une fois ou deux par ans, on s'en va en Clare pour visiter "Memere & Pepere". Je manque la belle Baie Ste-Marie. J'aime beaucoup tes photos du Moulin de Bangor! Regarding "fring frang" again, would Dave know where the term comes from? I think I'll ask my mom, she might know. If I find out where the word originated from, I'll come back and let you know. Peace Out.
~ Mariette.
P.S. Great Frenchy finds! We have a Frenchy up here too in Porter's Lake -- just a 7-minute drive from here (East Chezzetcook).