Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Good clean food

I am slowly getting out of my flu blahhhhh. Any health issue can put it's toll on the body - physically and mentally. For the 10 days that I was sick all I felt like doing was sleep. I had no appetite so I ate very little and nothing too high on the clean food scale.

I am reintegrating good clean organic whole foods in my diet... and it feels good !

I have not eaten meat since last August. Last night (as a test) I ate one single meatball made from ground beef. Less then an hour later, I had stomach cramps like you would'nt believe. My thought is that it was the meatball.

I wish everyone an excellent day tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after... For those that are running around, stressing out and missing out on so many precious moments, please slow down and for those that have slowed down - keep smiling.

If we can't be happy today or tomorrow, when can we be happy !!!!!

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