Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Yoga... this is a new label for my blog. I am going to integrate the subject in my blog postings, because it is very much a part of my life and blogging is all about journaling one's life happenings - right ! Here is the cutest most dedicated yogi in my repertoire. My niece's daughter, Jayla.

I practice daily at home, I go to our local centre once a week to practice with an experienced instructor and I go to about 5 workshops a year. My plan is to go for my teacher training... sooner than later I hope. But for me, yoga is soooooooo much more than the asanas (poses). It's a lifestyle. I will post more on my yoga lifestyle later. (Please keep in mind that all opinions on the yoga subject expressed in this blog are solely "my opinions" not everyone will agree with what I say and that is still fine).

For now, I shall leave you with - Shanti, Shanti to everyone !

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