Thursday, June 28, 2007

Saulnierville Beach

In our area there is access to the shore about every 2 km. You don't have to drive far to find a road leading to the ocean. Tonight Dave and I went beachcombing at Saulnierville Beach. Tide was coming up.

Of course the main reason we go beachcombing is to find seaglass. This is all we found tonight. The big white one has a nice design on it.

As we were leaving Dave found this old laundry basket. Being the kids we are, we played a game of toss the rocks. Of all these rocks in the basket, Dave only put in about 5-6 stones. We left the basket behind for someone else.

My favorite wild flower is the daisy. Look at those beautiful yellow centers. I took this picture tonight on the side of the road leading to the beach.

This picture was taken last night on our back deck. We were having salted dry spelts with our red wine.... elegant dining !

Tonight - upon our arrival from the beach. We took back 7 bags full of driftwood for our fire pit.

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