Sunday, April 29, 2007


I was away for a few days. Spent some quality time with Ginette in Moncton, New Brunswick. We enjoyed shopping, eating out, movies, martini bar, etc. Ate at one of my favorite restaurant - Red Pepper (Mongolian).

What a huge chunk of cheddar cheese that is...

Puss' favorite spot in the apartment - up on top of the cupboards. We call it his 'attic'.

I find it so amazing how the store clerks package your purchases in such a neat way. But on the other hand, it uses up tissue paper and ribbon for nothing actually but I suppose they want to please the customer.This is what I purchased in that nice bag... it's not something that is easy to find. I had been searching for the perfect one and there it was in Moncton at Terra Verde made of grey marble.

While Ginette was at work Thursday afternoon, I cooked up a surprise for her... homemade donuts. They did'nt quite turn out perfect, Ginette's baking soda is over 3 years old so I think that may have been the cause of the slight flop. But the taste was still there.

So here I am back in Meteghan Station reading for another work week.


Gi said...

On a eu un bon 4 jours ensemble! You are more than welcome anytime you want (and anyone else too who wants to come visit)! Rinque quelques semaines de plus et toute la famille sera icette! Can't wait. Luv you, GI xoxox

Vickie LeBlanc said...

C'était un tyme des rices!!!!! J'aurai pu rester encore qq jours, je m'ennuiais poin encore de pape et de Luc he he he. Yup, can't wait pour la longue fin de semaine en mai pour y aller back. Mame xxo