Sunday, April 8, 2007

Egg Hunt 2007

Updated Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The trophy is going to Moncton, New Brunswick. Congratulations to Ginette, this year's winner of the Third Annual Maillet Easter Egg Hunt. Thank you to Dominic Cottreau (last year's winner) for handing over the trophy.

The Rule Master (Joey Maillet) explaining the rules of the hunt. Each participant had to follow interlocking ropes in the woods to eventually find a nest of eggs and take one egg. After everyone had found an egg, back into the house we went. The rule master separated all the plastic eggs in a basket and each participant had to take their turn assembling the eggs. Whoever did this in the least amount of time - won the hunt ! Ginette's time was 51 seconds to re-assemble 20+ eggs as seen in the picture below.

The hunt is on !!!!!

Ginette found the nest and has her egg... but you had to keep the location of the nest a secret.

I found the nest shortly after Ginette. Yahoo!!!!!

Ginette with her god-daughter Mélanie from Dartmouth. Mélanie found a 'special' egg in the woods.

After egg hunting, everyone was hungry for a spig and italian sauce buffet with loads of delicious desserts.

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