Monday, July 16, 2012

Small world isn't it...

A couple of weeks ago Dave and I were at Superstore in Yarmouth going about our usual business and doing our bi-weekly groceries.  We were loading up our cart at check-out when this lady approched me and said ''excuse me, are you Vickie... Vickie LeBlanc?''  Of course I said yes than she immediately recognized Dave ''oh, and you're Dave, I recognize you''.  This very friendly woman is from Barrie, Ontario visiting family in Yarmouth and she reads my blog.

She just so happen to be at the next check-out at the same time as us.  So yes, it is a small world isn't it.

Hello Jene (you'll have to comment so I know how to spell your name :-))  Hope your return to Ontario was a good one.

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MargaretJ said...

So that is the second time you were recognized in public for your blog!