Saturday, October 22, 2011


Our property stretches out back 3 acres. There are ''very'' old apple trees over there. Like everything else around here... nothing gets sprayed or treated so sometimes the best pick looks a little distressed but that's how organic is - lumpy and spotted. One kind of apple way back there is Russet. Those are Dave's favorites. So today was our annual walk across our property to fetch a basket of Russet apples (and a few other kinds too).

I think I've mentioned before how much I LOVE fall but here I am saying it again.

We are still busy bringing in our winter firewood and Dave was working away at a storage unit in the laundry room. Divided in two - one side as a closet for our coats, shoes and such and the other half to store our canned goods. Pictures to follow when everything is painted.

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend.


colleen said...

there is an apple tree on my walking route that i pick from each year. i have no idea what kind it is, they are small and tart and definitely organic...hee hee

MargaretJ said...

Took a walk in the woods there last week and came across 4 old apple trees. Each tree bore a distinctly different apple. It was like a buffet! You're right about organic, Vickie. it's funny that folks want organic, but they want them to look perfect...:-/