Sunday, June 12, 2011

Fun day away

We spent the day today in Halifax at my brother's for my niece's confirmation. I won't post pictures with my niece in them because I don't have permission. It was a lovely celebration of love and joy. We left at 3:30 pm with our bellies full of delicious food. Dave and I headed one way and Ginette and André the other.
Entertained !!! what people do for fun now a days...

While we waited at the church for the rest of the family, we took pictures of course.

It was fun to get away even for just the day. Back to work tomorrow. I have a week's vacation coming up after this week.

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JoyceAnn said...

A day away can certainly recharge you , you all look beautiful and so happy together. Bet you're looking forward to your vacation.

~ Blessings ~