Sunday, December 19, 2010

A baking day of sorts

We are so delighted to have our daughter home for the holidays but everytime she's traveling those long highways by herself Dave and I worry the entire six hours. So to keep myself busy I baked most of the day...


Carrot cake

Bread rising

Ginette is home for the week. She'll go back to New Brunswick on the 25th to spend part of Christmas Day with her husband. He had to work; hopefully he'll be able to join us next year. I've mentioned here before, that the 24th is the day we celebrate in our family. Christmas Day to us is practically just another ordinary day.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Winter Solstice !


Colleen said...

oh man, i could smell the baked goodies through the computer screen!

Alli said...

I hope you have clear skies tonight to see the full lunar eclipse! It only happens every 400 years or so on the solstice...and it is cloudy in Halifax!!! :(