Wednesday, November 24, 2010


My annual christmas shopping trip to Moncton was this past weekend. I left Thursday and came back Sunday. I look forward to this every year - I love spending one on one time with Ginette. Some of the things we did :

- went to yoga class.
- stocked up on household staples from Costco.
- had Starbucks coffee and delicious lemon poppyseed cake.
- went to the Mall.
- ate lunch here. If ever you happen to be in Moncton you must include this restaurant on your schedule... it's a must people.
- we also ate at an amazing noodle place (sorry, forgot the name).
- went to the Green Conference and met David Suzuki again (he remembered me from last May).
- Ginette and André treated me to a fabulous dinner-theatre as my birthday gift from them. I loved it and of course it was about old-time Christmas.
- visited the new Casino but we did'nt play; we only walked around so I could see inside (side note here - I have never played any type of gambling machine; not interested at all).
- went to the Moncton Farmers' Market.
- experienced my first snow storm of the season (it was a mini one but still...).

Ginette and Meeko

Ginette eating her coconut cupcake from the Cake Box (I had one too). Snow was starting to fall and this was at about 3 pm and by 6 pm the ground was covered and the roads were slippery.


sherrieg said...

Fun, fun, FUN! I ate at Calactus once, and it was amazing!

Vickie LeBlanc said...

It is Sherrie, isn't it. The pizza is amazing. Saw that Ten Thousand Villages are at the Beacon Church Dec 4. I'm going; I love their stuff.

Alli said...

Sounds like a ton of fun! I do miss going shopping with my mom but we are so far apart that a weekend shopping trip is just not feasible (she's in Ontario). Although, I am sure she will try to get me to the Mall when I arrive this Christmas. It has been 2 years since I have been home for the holidays. It will be nice to see family.