Sunday, July 4, 2010

Stay-cation :: The Garden Path

As declared here in May (sorry I did'nt feature a favorite stay-cation spot in June) I am featuring another stay-cation suggestion for you to visit. This gem is only about 50km from our home. You'll have to travel a certain distance in the woods and a small length of dirt road but it sure is worth it. We went yesterday and look at the gorgeous day we picked to go.

The Garden Path ! A couple in South Range, Digby County, started gardening in 1999. They started with one small bed to see if they would like it...

... as they say ''the rest is history''. I think they liked it. The picture above is their front yard.

A few years ago they opened their gardens to the public. You tour at your leisure, stopping, admiring and snapping away as you please. You can even bring a book and find a favorite spot (I would pick the swing) and read for a while.

Ginette and Dave.
Me and Ginette.
Again, in the BIG chair.


Kim said...

Oh I love that big chair - do you remember the show Big Comfy Couch? Reminds me of that :) You 2 look so cute!

sherrieg said...

Whoa - it's amazing! What a lot of work. And I have never heard of it - thanks for the heads-up! :)

Vickie LeBlanc said...

Kim - yes I remember Ginette watching the Big Comfy Couch all the time.

Sherrie - if you are looking for just a quiet, relaxing afternoon of walking around admiring lovely flowers you would love this. There is a cool little play area for kids with a 3 level tree-house.

Barb said...

I sooooooooo love your life. I want to come out there to visit and share some of it with you.

That is definately going on my bucket list!!!


Vickie LeBlanc said...

Barb - you are more than welcome to come visit. You would love Nova Scotia.

Colleen said...

what beautiful gardens. I just LOVE that photo of you and Ginette in the gigantic funny!