Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter weekend

We've been having amazingly beautiful weather since last Thursday (first day of my 5 day break from work). Sun, Sun, Sun that's all we've been seeing and enjoying. Flowers are starting to pop-up everywheres.

Our daughter arrived from New Brunswick on Friday, with Mr. Puss. We've been, cooking, eating, thrifting, nature walks, visiting family and friends and enjoying this time together.

Ginette's rubber boots - getting ready to leave this afternoon for our annual egg hunt.

Hope everyone had a good weekend and found time to relax with the ones you love.


Colleen said...

such pretty flowers. lovely bright yellow colour.

love Ginette's boots. so cute.

was Mr. Puss upset at something? he looks kind of angry...he he...maybe he needs some more peace tea??!!

Vickie LeBlanc said...

he he he, poor Mr. Puss he was fed up from having me in his face for about 10 pictures before I got a good one but YES, I think he would have loved a teabag of Peace Tea just about that time.