Sunday, December 13, 2009

Forest Friends and Lighthouses

My birthday was a month ago but I wanted to wait a few weeks (in order to have your undivided attention) before posting about this beautiful gift I got from my best friend/niece. Forest Friends - check out this fabulous artist. This hoop hangs in my kitchen window where I can see it every single day. I love the forest. I was raised surrounded by the forest. As much as I love the ocean I just as much love going for walks in the forest as I do the beach. I wish you could see the details on this little person standing in the hoop. It is beautiful.

We had a gorgeous sunny day today so Dave and I went to the Gilbert's Cove Lighthouse and...

... the Belliveau Cove Lighthouse. The picture above - I look cold but it actually wasn't too windy or cold. That funny look on my face is the sun being too bright in my eyes.

Hope everyone is taking time in this busy time of the year to slow down and be more present in your daily activities. Happy Monday tomorrow !


HoneyB said...

LOVE your photos!

JoyceAnn said...

Love the Forest Friend , it's absolutely wonderful.

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