Saturday, October 31, 2009

Annual harvest walk

Every Fall Dave and I make our way to the apple orchard way back of our property. The apple trees here have been left unattended for at least 30 years (some of these trees have to be over 100 years old) so you know what this means - no chemicals or pesticides added. ALL organic. Most of the village's residents don't even know these apple trees are still in existance... but we do. We don't know the names of the half-dozen or so apples but one kind we know the name ! We mainly go for the russets.

They aren't pretty apples on the outside but inside they are all nice and white. Russets aside, I will make applesauce with the balance.

Happy halloween night everyone !

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JoyceAnn said...

Loved seeing the pics of your apple harvest , we've been eating our applesauce , it sure taste wonderful.