Monday, September 7, 2009

Quiet, busy weekend

We are back to our normal routine but it seems unreal that just one week ago we were in the middle of a grand celebration - our daughter's wedding. I say this often and I will say it again - time is flying right in front of our eyes. I am pretty much caught up with my rest. I was in bed at 9:30 p.m. almost every night this past week.

The smell of Fall is in the air and it's making me very happy. If you're a follower of this blog you know this is my favorite season.

Yesterday I canned 10 pints of tomatoes from our garden. This year I added herbs (also from our garden) to the mix.

Saturday I made our mustard pickles. From past experiences this is the only kind we eat all winter so I only made this kind for this year.

We've been having amazing weather lately. Yesterday we went for a walk on the beach...

... then we went to a pocket-wilderness deep in the woods. A fine day it was.

Puss and I check to see if we have an email from Ginette and André from Italy - they write about every second day.


JoyceAnn said...

Hi Vickie ~ Looks like a perfect weekend , I'm ready for a hike too. It's great that the newlyweds are keeping in touch , bet you're enjoying hearing all about their trip.

~ Be Blessed ~

Vickie LeBlanc said...

Hi Joyceann - I love going for hikes. Me and Nature go well together. One more week in Italy and the couple will be home but I will only see them in person in about a month. They live 5 hours away.

Kim said...

Oh I like the new banner photo. Where is that?

Colleen said...

I LOVE your new banner. I love that place and think of it often.

Vickie LeBlanc said...

Kim - I took this picture last Fall with my niece Colleen (comment after yours). It's at Birchdale Lake Nature Retreat This is where we have our annual yoga and nature retreat every August. It is deep in the wilderness (not even cell phone access, love it)on a prestine, undisturbed lake. It is pure heaven... for me anyways.