Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Just because pictures and turning 50

Here are a few random pictures I took tonight... just because I wanted to share them with you. Ya, that's right, I'm pointing to you my all time favorite person that takes the time to read this blog. If it wasn't for you I would'nt be doing this and if I wasn't doing this - well, who knows what I would be up to. But nothing as wonderful as having blog conversations with a whole bunch of wonderful like-minded human beings.

As some of you know from reading this blog, my daughter is getting married in August and she recently inquired if we still had our wedding glass wine goblets from 30 years ago. You know the kind - Bride and Groom. I knew exactly where they were. Here they are all polished and sparkly for the soon to be Bride and Groom.

We are once again knee-deep in renovations here at the LeBlanc household. This time, the stairs. We are removing the aweful, ugly looking (did I mention dirty) rug than we will have to do a LOT of sanding to bring everything down to the natural wood. And when I say ''we'' I mean my husband and son :-) We are still shopping around antique stores to find an antique railing and banister.

We had a snow storm yesterday so this morning we had to dig-out at 7 a.m. so we could go to work. Yes, it's still dark at 7 in the morning.

Later this year I will be turning 50 (and I'm happy and excited about it). From now on you will, once in a while, read on this blog about some of the ''gifts'' I am going to be offering myself from now to November. You'll probably be surprised by what I mean by ''gifts''. They are not your typical ''material things''. My first gift to myself is eating healthier. Some of you are saying ''hasn't she been doing that for the past few years''. And yes, I have but I've always known that there was more I could do. I want to educate myself on the right foods for my body type. One thing I've learned so far is that my body prefers cool foods. I will update this post at a later date.

But for now, I am making an effort to eat more fruits and raw vegetables. I have to be honest with you - I've never been a big fan of fruit but I need a generous amount - daily. I'm liking it.

During my short visit to Moncton last weekend I bought myself (and one for Ginette also) a frother.

I don't have a lot of artifical flowers in our home but I've had these silk sunflowers for a few years and I hold on to them because they are so pretty and they're a constant reminder of the warmer days to come.

How many days til Spring ?


Barb said...

How special that Ginette can use something you used for your wedding ~ a lovely link between your wedding and your daughters! Barb xo

Alli said...

I love that you daughter will use your glasses at her wedding!!!

Way to go on your "presents". Eating healthy is an amazing one! I am looking forward to more on these presents!

sunmamma said...

Great pictures! I have the same frothier :)

Wonderful gift to give yourself.. healthy eating!!

mothergoose said...

February 5
43 Days until Spring.

check out the whole living site, ( it's through the martha stewart .) great ideas for healthier living.

be well

HoneyB said...

I love all your photos! Seems a lot of us were hit with a lot of snow this year!

Congrats on being the mom of the bride!

JoyceAnn said...

Glad you still have your goblets , that will be a wonderful touch to the wedding.

Sunflowers are the only artificial flowers I have in my house too.

I'm ready for ...... Spring too. Hope to start some seedlings next week.

~ Many Blessings ~