Saturday, January 24, 2009

It's been a while...

... since I posted some of my Frenchy findings. Here are some of the items I found in the last weeks (even months).

This black jacket has to be my best find in years. Honest. It's an Athletic Works feather-filled. I can walk in -22 wind chill and I don't feel the cold on my upper body at all. The scarf is another good find at Frenchy's. It's a William Brunton Hand Knits, hand woven of pure lambswool in Scotland.
I so wish I could have found more of the Cashmereno in the yarn box but this was the only one. I'll knit little baby booties or something. The bigger skein is from Natural Dyed Wools, from Ireland. The dye is from red cabbage.

In one visit I found these three pair of foot luxury. The boots are made of leather, the black shoes are from a company in France and the brown are Born. Was I excited to find a pair of Born - well, yes ! I mainly wear the Born shoes with long skirts and tights. A more Boho style which I love and is so comfy.

I'm not really one to have decorative flags and swirlies hanging outside the house but this one will go in the orchard out back next Summer to keep the birds out of the cherry tree. He's so cute.

And this quilt, I still can't figure out why it was in the $1.25 drop-cloth bin. There's nothing wrong with it really. It's for a child's single bed. I'll store it away until I find a use for it.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend and keeping warm. This blogger informed me today that it was 55 days til Spring - yahoooooo. That's not bad - 55 days. Y'all know how time's flying around here. Time to get this out :


Alli said...

Great finds! I love the brown shoes!

sunmamma said...

Really great finds!!!

Kim said...

Amazing finds! I wish we had a Frenchy's here. Value Village is getting so pricey and the good finds are getting less and less. I saw a nice tea cup and saucer but they wanted $5.99 for it!

I went last week but only found a pair of lined sportds pants for my son (he will no longer wear snow pants) and a small pc of nice fabric.

Barb said...

Wow, I'm always surprised at the things you find at Frenchy's. Loved the shoes - I love Born too, but they are so pricey, but can you put a price on comfort? I think not. Boots are pretty sexy too. Looked like the ones I couldnt wear. Barb xo

sherrieg said...

The SHOES! The BORN shoes! They're FANTASTIC! (Am I using enough caps?) And yes, I'm a little bit envious. :) Nice work!