Thursday, December 11, 2008

Did you think I forgot...

... the tree !!!!! Nope, it's been up since Monday evening but I kept forgeting to take a picture and posting it.

The nutcrackers have been standing at attention for over a week.

And this snowman light keeps us company every evening.

Hope everyone's decorations are coming along fine. I know, I know, I am quite bubbly and jolly when it comes to Christmas but I am fully aware that Christmas is not for everyone and I do respect that.

Now I must start my christmas baking list. I know for sure it will include pies, shortbread cookies, fudge, and the christmas cake that I seem to be the only one enjoying but that's OK, more for me.

Wishing everyone a good and happy weekend.


HoneyB said...

I love seeing everyone's decorations. Especially since I don't have anything but a wreath on the door this year!

Barb said...

Your home at Christmas looks just as I knew it would .. very warm and homey.

Oh and that Christmas cake ... you don't have to eat it all by yourself .... send a little my way .... my favourite Christmas treat. Barb xo

Kim said...

I started my decorations on Monday when I realized it is only two weeks til Christmas!

We will get a fresh tree the weekend before Christmas.

I don't think I will get around to doing any baking this year, but I do have to make a tourtière or two for Christmas eve dinner.

Christmas dinner is at a friend's this year - so I don't have to worry about that :)