Sunday, November 9, 2008

Thrifting, crochet and Puss

Went to Frenchy's yesterday, found this cute little pitcher/vase for .25 Don't know what I'll put in it (or where I'm going to put it). If acorns were more plentiful around here that's what I would fill it up with but we don't really have a whole lot of acorn trees in this part of the woods. And yes, that's Puss' tail you see in the background... on the table.

Also found the first season box set of The Apprentice. My daughter and I are/were (hasn't been on for a long time) huge fans of The Apprentice (not necessarily Trump but the show itself) and when the first series came out on DVD I bought it for $45 (mine is on the left) and yesterday I bought the one on the right for $1 which I am giving to my daughter. All 5 CDs are in there and in excellent condition.

I took a break from knitting and have started a crochet project. It's a surprise for someone very special.

I will leave you with a very blurry (sorry) picture of Puss. He's enjoying his stay with us but his maman misses him very much.

I am eagerly and excitedly awaiting a visit in a couple of weeks from a very special person in my life... can't wait to see her.


HoneyB said...

You know, it just hit me, you should visit my friend Cami's blog. Her blog address is
If you visit her, let her know I sent you :)

walk in the woods said...

I can't wait to see you too!!!!!!!!!