Sunday, September 21, 2008

Week in review

Thank you all so much for your kind words of encouragement during this past week (more on this later).

Here is a summary (mostly in pictures) of the past week in the LeBlanc household :

A few decorations to celebrate my favorite season, but in order to make said decorations Dave had to go through this...

... trying to reach way back of the bush, the prettiest and the brightest of leaves had to be picked.

Poor Dave, he had to cross a ditch full of rain water to get back to the car. But it was all worth it in the end (as you can see in the two top pictures).

On my way to a yoga seminar Friday evening, I took this beautiful sunset in Yarmouth.

This past week we discovered that the strawberries we only planted this past summer are giving us a good harvest this late in the season. Which is wonderful ! Thank you Mother Nature.

This past week we also went harvesting in the Annapolis Valley. This was yesterday actually. First stop was at the Annapolis Royal Farmers' Market. We headed directly to the french bakery for a baquette and a brioche. For lunch Dave and I each had a German potato pancake.

After the Farmers' Market we headed further to visit a few fruit and vegetable stands. Everyone we visited used the ''honour system'' for payment. I am always so happy to see this method of payment... how the farmers trust the patrons that visit their stands. I always leave a little bit more than our total to thank them for trusting us.

Princess came over for a couple of visits during the past week.

Let's see - what else is there to report. Oh ya, Dave is starting a new job in a month. He's been in radio for the past 12 years. This new job will be in Economic Development.

We went Frenchy-ing twice during the week but I did'nt find one single item. Dave found a few odds and ends.

I've been knitting - a baby cardigan, a stole and a pair of slippers.

Doing a lot of walking, meditating and trying to be more present in the moment. Which I am happy to report that I am getting better at.

But the best part of my week was when my son came back. He decided not to take the job in Truro (too complicated to explain, let's just say they were not very nice people to work for). He had no problem getting his old job back. So if you're wondering if I'm one happy mother tonight - the answer is YES.


Kim said...

Well congrats on having your son back. And I am glad you are enjoying Fall so much. I'm not loving the cool mornings.

walk in the woods said...

Beautiful fall decorations. I really love the fall too. So happy to hear about your wonderful week. Welcome back home Luc.