Thursday, July 3, 2008

Gathering : saying goodbye

For supper tonight I joined a small group of co-workers at another co-worker's home for a small gathering to thank and say goodbye to this man in the picture below. He was the director of our paramedic program at the university. I say was, because he's leaving us. It's sad to see him leave because he is the most jolly person you've ever met and such fun to have on staff.

... and he bakes the best cheesecakes ever !... seriously.

The front view at the house we were gathered - spectacular !


HoneyB said...

Vicki, a great view in that last photo and you look great too!

It is sad when we lose someone on the job that was great to have around. People like that are hard to replace!

Vickie LeBlanc said...

Hi honeyb - it will be so different not seeing Hubert in the hallway anymore. He is moving on to another job but he said it will never be the same as the one he had with us.

Barb said...

Wow, what a view. I can't imagine waking up every morning to that beauty and peacefulness.

Colleen said...

Wow, what a gorgeous house and beautiful view. Looks like you had a great time.

Vickie LeBlanc said...

Barb and Colleen - thanks for the comments. I agree, it's such a beautiful location to have a home. It's on one of the most popular lakes in our area.