Thursday, March 13, 2008

Spring in the air

I took today and tomorrow off from work and how lucky was I to have such a gorgeous sunny Spring like day. I spent all afternoon outside (as you can well imagine). But before heading outside I baked a batch of oatmeal milk chocolate cookies and prepared the cabbage rolls for tonight's supper.

Then out I went...

These trees look like veins. Trees are wonderful to look at and admire.

Made a small fire in the pit.

Picked-up a few branches that have fallen during the harsh Winter months - there are still A LOT to pick-up but it's all fun and wonderful.

As I mentioned before, my favorite color - all shades of blue.

This picture was taken last Tuesday evening (another Spring like day) when we visited the beach...

Forecast for tomorrow - rain/wet snow.


Barb said...

What wonderful pictures, I can feel myself there enjoying the sun and fresh air with you. Can't wait for spring weather to come to TO. Your cookies look yummy, I've never tried milk choco chips, but sounds great! And cabbage rolls, one of my favourites. Can I drop in for dinner??

Vickie LeBlanc said...

The weather yesterday was wonderful and oh so nice to work outside. I did'nt plan my supper too well... I don't eat meat (I eat organic chicken though) so I should have made the cabbage rolls with ground chicken this way I could have enjoyed them. But I was told they were delicious.

You can still drop by, there are leftovers.