Sunday, December 23, 2007

Pre-Christmas activities

We are having a wonderful and joyful time as a family. Ginette and André arrived safe and sound from Moncton, New Brunswick on Friday afternoon.

Below - Friday evening, Ginette helping her papa bottle red wine.

Puss is also visiting from Moncton.

We had two amazingly sunny days (Friday and Saturday). Perfect Christmas weather - snow covered fields, sunny, no wind and all the roads were clear. However, forecast for tomorrow (Christmas Eve) is for rain :-(

This evening while I was cooking and baking (something I love doing very much) the rest of the family had a ''family game night''.

One last picture of all the unwrapped gifts under the tree. Tradition in our family is that we open our gifts Christmas Eve.

Hope everyone is having a grand old time with family and friends. And please, let's not forget those that are ill and in the hospital.

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