Friday, November 30, 2007

Climate Change

I know this is a subject that now a days we hear more and more about and some of you may have had your feed on the subject and don't want to hear anymore for a while but the issue of climate change, more particularly "the environment" is something of extreme importance to me.

Last night I watched this. One of the researcher said that Halifax is the most severely affected by climate change in Canada... that's us, we live 300km from Halifax. We are surrounded by the Ocean. I need the Ocean, I am an "ocean person".

So today as you go about your usual busy day, innocently having your car idle for 15 minutes to drive to the store which is walking distance, as you take a longer then usual shower, as you hand wash your dishes under running water, as you take a breath of that nice crisp air outside - think of your generations to come... will they be allowed to take in that nice crisp air !

Have a wonderful weekend and please think of the environment ! You know... "every little bit helps ".

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